Bernarda ŠKRABAR

certificirana mednarodna detektivka


n the 11 years I’ve been in this profession, a lot has changed, with the world now at your fingertips using a keyboard and mouse. Before, a certain matter could take a week or two, but can now be checked within a day. I acquired my experience at a time when not everything was so easily accessible, and this experience is invaluable!

High adaptability, ability to focus, work hard, and maintain steady nerves during very stressful moments in the field, working under time pressure, trying to catch deadlines, etc. is all very different than what action movies have been telling us.

A detective’s work is incredibly interesting and filled with challenges. But the road to success is very long. When I began, I connected to older colleagues, who obviously recognised me as a reliable person who never says she can’t do something, that something can’t be done, or that she wants to have a day, weekend, or holiday off, or maybe even a vacation. For me, this simply did not exist. I was always available, always did everything, and never deviated from the agreement in the slightest.

I always gave it my all in my investigations. Bottom line: this business is not simple, and most don’t even reach this far, since you have to give up a lot, both the terms of time and finances, as time and financial investments into development never cease! You always need a new piece of equipment or some new know-how, and these things are simply not cheap in our line of business.

I am constantly learning, and the more I learn, the more I know that I still have much to learn – this is my driving force, for constantly new training and education courses. My curiosity can simply never be sated. I also believe that my approach to work is different, collaborative, and team-oriented.

A true detective likes people, likes to help them, to advise them. Ultimately, detective work is looking for answers to questions, dilemmas of clients – who is the perpetrator, where is the debtor hiding, where is my relative, etc. This work is very different than adrenaline movies, but primarily deals with negative matters – day in and day out you listen to problems of companies or individuals, and then help to solve them.

Not very movie-like, is it? So you have to be a tough and tenacious person to stand both physical and psychological stresses.

Vloga detektiva je visoka in častna.

Allan Pinkerton